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Premier Mounts Rolls Out Industry First Vlog Series

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Premier Mounts Rolls Out Industry First Vlog Series

Corona, Calif., February 25, 2019 —Premier Mounts, the innovative leader in superior audiovisual mounting solutions, announces the debut of “The Peak”, a brand-new video blog (vlog) series tackling top of the mind topics and providing a fun and active platform for the AV community.

“The Peak” is the first vlog ever (yes, really!) produced just for the AV industry and the award-winning Premier Mounts team is excited to share the scoop from their combined years of industry experience and insight. The goal is to put a fresh spin on the latest topics, projects, and industry trade shows for professionals in the AV industry worldwide. “The Peak” will also showcase some of the largest projects the Premier Mounts team has undertaken with video documentation as they occur.

“As a leader in innovation, products and industry expertise, the Premier Mounts team is excited to make a splash with this bi-monthly vlog by sharing topics that are new and relevant to the AV community,” said Brandon Breznick, Assistant Communications Manager. “Sharing knowledge is important to us and we want to invite everyone to join us for engaging (and amusing!) discussions.”

The launch of this project takes creative marketing to the next level by combining active discussion, video segments and trending topics on a platform created for entertainment.

As a new medium for communication, “The Peak” Vlog is a creative and interactive way to get people interested about everything happening in the world of AV. In the fast-paced, constantly changing high-tech AV world, thinking outside the box is exactly what sets the Premier Mounts team apart and what drove them to start “The Peak”.

Premier Mounts will be sharing new topics every other week. Our team welcomes suggestions for vlog topics and would like to hear your feedback. Learn more about Premier Mounts and “The Peak” here!