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Tis’ the Season: Digital Signage Brightens Up Holiday Shopping

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Tis’ the Season: Digital Signage Brightens Up Holiday Shopping

As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season sets in, retailers become bombarded with hordes of holiday shoppers. According to a 2018 Deloitte study, holiday retail sales are expected to exceed $1.1 trillion dollars which is a 5% increase from last year. This anticipated rise in sales averages around $1,536 per household and gives retailers a larger opportunity to influence purchases.

With a reported 30% of this year’s purchases being driven by inspiration, consumers are projected to purchase mostly gift cards, clothing, games, and toys. Digital signage such as flat wall mounts and LED displays definitely play a huge role in capturing shopper’s attention and being an interactive part of the gift shopping journey.

Interactive Experience: Attract Customers with GIFT-spiration

Today’s top retailers, such as Nike, Target, and Sephora are integrating experiential shopping with digital displays to tell the unique story of each brand. According to recent studies, more than 40% of shoppers report that digital displays can change what they buy when information is presented close to the point of purchase. Digital displays have the power to drive purchases because customers are programmed to respond to the high impact, informative displays retailers are utilizing. These advertising channels produce engaging content that influences customers before they step foot in the doors.

During the holiday season, shoppers are on the lookout for THE GIFT. Place an interactive digital display in front of them and the search just became more interactive and enjoyable. Modern digital signs are an exceptional platform for product promotion and branding. Take any sale sign, for example, traditional printed signs can only be so exciting. The same sale when advertised on a digital display combines lighting, color scheme, and an “in your face” image that draws customers in. Initial engagement isn’t the only thing that increases either. With digital displays, the customer can now interact with messaging in a way that drives retail revenue like never before.

Intuitive Design: Smarter Seasonal Displays 

Whether an end cap digital display, video wall, or interactive touchscreen, each display leverages user-friendly technology with easy access and use. A strategically placed digital end cap display, for instance, can be updated at the touch of a button allowing customers to always be in tune with the latest promotions and events within the store.

Improving marketing and merchandising effectiveness is at the center of any business, but during the holiday season, that goal is pushed ten-fold. Digital displays create a convenient way for retailers to focus on consumer behavior and see what they are receptive to. The increase in digital signage across malls, retailers, and businesses big and small is transforming the way customers experience holiday shopping.

Integrated Installation: Deck the Halls with Digital Signage

For retail, seasonal holiday displays are temporary and quick to change. Traditional methods of gearing up retail space for the holidays is costly and time-consuming. Digital canvases, on the other hand, can display advertising messages on a lasting platform with long-term benefits.

Digital displays are being increasingly more incorporated into each part of the consumer journey.

Not only are retailers using digital displays to promote products, but they are also curating an environment that makes shoppers want to make purchases in their stores. Digital signage entices customers in a way online shopping can’t. Interactive displays create a multidimensional customer experience allowing shoppers to feel in control and connected to their purchases. Adding festive slogans, designs, and product placement influences brand recognition and brand reputation. Customers are influenced by these psychological factors which can have a direct impact on sales and customer experience.

Integrated digital displays transform retail spaces beyond simply adding twinkly lights and snowflakes, but instead enhance the entire customer experience.