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Inside the Partnership Between Premier Mounts and Absen Inc.

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Inside the Partnership Between Premier Mounts and Absen Inc.

Any AV project comes to fruition by means of collaboration between quality displays, mounts and installation. For Premier Mounts, sustaining strong partnerships with display manufacturers allows large-scale, user-driven AV projects to exceed end-user expectation and integration capabilities.

One of Premier’s valued partners is Absen Inc., the US subsidiary of Absen, a leading LED display manufacturer. With a monthly capacity of over 75 million LEDs, Absen’s southeast China factory is centrally located in the heart of the globe’s tech-manufacturing base.

According to James Liu, President of Absen, the main focus of the company is to bring cutting-edge design, performance, and proficiency to their customers. Absen Inc. is headquartered in Orlando, FL, and has expanded its U.S. team by hiring local industry experts with extensive knowledge of market conditions, client needs, and industry standards. Absenstrives to provide clients with high quality, innovative, LED products at a great value.

For the past two years, the partnership between Premier and Absen has grown immensely and remains beneficial for both company’s customers. Liu describes the relationship between Premier and Absen as “excellency meeting excellency.” “Len Dozier, the founder, owner, and CEO of Premier Mounts was extremely well known in the field, and when our company began ties with Premier Mounts our goal was to continue to provide the best quality service and products to our customers,” said Liu.

Today the goal remains the same, Absen and Premier Mounts’ partnership has resulted in countless installations and tradeshows, such as InfoComm 2018. Displaying cutting-edge LED displays with proper mounting solutions allows for integrators and dealers to see the visual impact that two quality solutions can make when combined together.

As business partners, both Absen and Premier Mounts share common goals and value hard work and efficiency. From Absen’s perspective, “Premier Mounts is an excellent business partner. They are great to work with because of their ability to provide excellent engineering solutions,” says Liu. The constant communication with Absen allows for Premier to put their best foot forward in designing and engineering video walls for projects of immense size and scale.


Strengthening Partnerships Through Relationships and Projects

Absen and Premier Mounts in Ameristar Casino, Colorado

Demanding AV projects require transparent communication between business partners and a constant exchange of knowledge between industry professionals. For the Premier Mounts team, we believe that we can improve industry communication by strengthening the quality of training and learning sessions available in the field of AV. Liu explains, “many individuals from Absen have taken training courses with Premier Mounts and found them to be very beneficial.” For instance, Mitch Rosenburg, Absen’s Senior Sales Director for Enterprise Distribution Partnerships (EDP), has taken a course within the past year.  He was able to strengthen his understanding of various aspects of installation, technical engineering and mounting hardware in order to leverage necessary and beneficial information when working with clients and Absen products.

Since Absen recommends third-party solutions on almost all of their products, it is imperative that they build and maintain strong relations with partner organizations. “Working with Premier Mounts has been better for our business because they help to showcase our LED solutions in the best manner and provide new and innovative displays for the end-user,” says Liu.

One example of a Premier Mounts solution enhancing an Absen product is showcased by a recent Colorado casino project. During this project, Absen and Premier were able to create a dramatic design and transform the space into an immersive casino experience. The partnership between Absen and Premier Mounts is what allowed this end-user driven project to come to life in a large-scaled, intelligent design.


Advancing Market Trends

With LED video wall installation projects continuing to advance there are many trends projected to hit the market. According to Liu, “the tech AV industry is moving towards fine pitch, mini LED solutions. For example, pixel pitches are shifting from 3.8mm to 1.2mm and these solutions are becoming increasingly more affordable. In response to this demand, the industry also needs better, more accurate mounting solutions.

Premier Mounts’ very own Convergent Series of LED mounts which was released last year is aligned with the advancing trends taking place in the AV space. LED display manufacturers such as Absen can utilize Convergent mounts for further product enhancement. “Convergent is ideal for use for our Acclaim Line of LED solutions. With perfect XYZ alignment and modular design there is unlimited scalability of the Acclaim and makes it a safer and more cost-effective solution,” states Liu.

Premier Mounts and Absen are able to maintain a successful partnership because both teams working together to bring customers industry leading solutions. James Lui believes that “everyone from Premier Mounts is extremely professional and easy to work with from the initial design to the finished product.” Premier Mounts’ goal when working with display manufacturers like Absen is to create a sense of trust and ease when working together to bring new innovative AV solutions to life.