Connecting through Social Media in the AV Industry: Paramount to Success

Social media has undoubtedly become one of the most powerful tools for disseminating information and making connections worldwide. Continuing it’s reign into 2021, social media plays an integral part in the global audiovisual industry. Premier Mounts Director of Marketing Curtis Rose describes just how important it is for networking and keeping up to date with all things AV.

Twitter is the favorite child. When it comes to social media platforms across AV, Tweets often act as conversation starters and leave the space for professionals in the industry to share their opinions and respond in a judgement free zone. Such conversations often lead to one on one interactions, meaning familiarity is created and further community established across various brands and roles. Twitter can also be an excellent vehicle for research. Hashtags unify trending topics and can be referenced quickly and easily for analysis. This particular type of research is invaluable for remaining up to date with trends.

Instagram isn’t just for filtered selfies and travel photos. “Instagram is really good for visually showing off different components of AV,” observes Rose. Acting as an online space where professionals can review completed installs and other projects that are in the works, inspiration for continued innovation is bountiful. Profiles like @proavworld share noteworthy projects and are also great for connectivity through the use of hashtags and the ability to interact in comments and stories.

LinkedIn is the perfect place for sharing achievements. As AV professionals reach milestones in their careers, LinkedIn is the perfect place for sharing about such accomplishments. Additionally, it allows the user to be in the know as people may change roles or companies. As for LinkedIn company profiles, there is opportunity to share current projects and what’s on the horizon. With less one to one interaction occurring here, it presents more visibility to the professionals and key players in AV.

The other guys like Snapchat, TikTok and Facebook are not as popular in the AV world. Snapchat and Facebook sometimes serve as spaces to connect with other industry professionals you’ve grown close to, but overall they are not typical spaces to focus on. Tiktok, while currently not a key player, could become more popular in the future as an additional space for more visual inspiration in the video form.

Social media leads to meaningful connections in real life. While currently not happening due to the pandemic, trade shows & conferences like InfoComm and CES generally serve as places where AV professionals can connect the dots from social media to in-person conversations and workshops. Networking online, now more than ever, is invaluable in AV. It’s a tight knit industry and no opportunity to connect should be discounted. We’d love to see you there: @premiermounts.