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Behind the Scenes with the Premier Mounts Engineering Team

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Behind the Scenes with the Premier Mounts Engineering Team

Creating any great product, whether it be a projector, flat-panel, or direct-view LED mount involves collaboration between a group of highly skilled, detailed oriented, and committed individuals. At Premier Mounts, our team of engineers is committed to developing new solutions to meet our customer’s exact needs. Our engineers break through obstacles by designing products that are tailored to fulfill the everchanging demands of the AV industry.

Developing Solutions

Brainstorms, brainstorms, and more brainstorms. The job of a Premier Mounts engineer is to constantly be thinking about innovation and develop hardware that will benefit installers and integrators. Our team is composed of problem solvers who think outside the box and develop solutions through the constant generation of ideas, communication, and ability to put thought into action.

Under the guidance of Chief Design Engineer, Mike Bouissiere, the team tackles the current challenges of the AV industry with primary goals of providing simple installation, excellence in performance affordability, and adaptability. After countless hours of brainstorming ideas, the next step for the team is testing solutions to form a solid resolution. The ability to develop innovative solutions is influenced by the environment and community of Premier Mounts. “We have an awesome work environment. Our Engineering Team shares the determination and passion to provide the best possible solution to our customers,” said Bouissiere. “We take our jobs seriously but always find time to laugh.”

Creating Easy to Install Products

Convenience and adjustability are two major aspects of providing products that can be installed with ease. The latest engineering solution developed by our team is the Convergent series of LED Mounts. Convergent is engineered with x-y-z-alignment to maintain accuracy during the installation process and overcome the problem of wall inconsistency. The revolutionary series successfully encapsulates excellent design and adaptability that satisfies the needs of the industry. Our engineering team is focused on developing products customized with the end-user, installer, integrator, and manufacturer partners in mind.

Relationship with In-House Manufacturing

Premier Mounts is fully equipped with in-house manufacturing allowing flexibility between the engineering and manufacturing process. This high-level flexibility allows for a constant flow of communication between both departments. If a problem occurs, a design needs changing, or a new innovative idea emerges, our engineering team has the ability to work closely with the manufacturing department. A further benefit of Premier Mounts in-house manufacturing is our ability to react to the market quickly. Take Convergent for example, with no other product like it on the market, our engineering team was able to develop and roll-out this solution in-house without limitations of outsourcing production.

Engineered for Everyday Use

Premier Mounts products are engineered to improve AV spaces across all verticals. Our goal is to always put the customer first and create solutions fit for overcoming obstacles. With the landscape of the AV industry constantly changing, our engineers are fixated on growth and innovation not only within our own company but for the entire industry. Whether a massive stadium, fast food restaurant, or luxury hotel, AV solutions are being leveraged every day around the world. The engineers at Premier Mounts understand how integrated systems can impact an environment and they take pride in creating solutions that reimagine the importance of AV mounts. We think unordinary so our customers can mount the extraordinary.