4 Ways We Have Learned Digital Signage Helps in a Pandemic


Although we are not out of the woods yet, we have learned a lot about the COVID-19 pandemic through the lens of Pro AV. As an industry our role in the pandemic largely becomes an information provider, whether that information comes over audio, through video or collaboration tools it’s an important role to play.  Proper communication through AV products ensures safety and compliance for organizations, which should the top most priority during a pandemic.

Today, we are going to focus in on digital signage specially. We have learned that digital signage offers unique features over other AV product categories when communicating about COVID19. So, let’s dive in and get a solid understanding of 4 ways digital signage has helped with proper communication during COVID19.

  1. Deliver Timely Messaging
    If there is one thing we have learned it is that changes in information around a virus change quickly. Early in a pandemic, every hour new information surfaces that need to be rapidly communicated to the masses. Digital signage networks can communicate these messages very timely. In addition, having signage on mobile carts allows for displays to be moved quickly to areas around the building where
    information needs to be made available the most.
  2. Promote Proper Safety Measures
    Wear your mask, stand 6 feet apart, wash your hands: these are the types of messages important to get through a pandemic. Keeping this top of mind is important for customers or employees and keeps you in legal compliance as well.  In addition, CDC guidelines change as situations evolve so printed signage will be more expensive and time consuming to produce than having digital signage in place.
  3. Manage Traffic Flows
    Whether in a store or back at the office, keep proper distance from others is important. Early on 6 feet of distance was the standard with the CDC now saying the further you can be the better. In order to keep employees or shoppers distanced, it is responsible to have limitations on the direction traffic can flow in a building to stop front faced contact. Using digital signage as a means to communicate this is great, especially when traffic patterns will need to change or there is an unforeseen circumstance.
  4. Promote Positivity
    Mental health and a feeling of connectivity and relationships is incredibly important during a pandemic. The way we live our daily lives are so altered it leaves an overall feeling of despair, loneliest and hopelessness. Spreading positivity becomes important to keep mental health strong, especially when it comes to employees in an office environment. Sharing good news or even videos of calm and relaxing environments can go a long way, especially when used in conjunction with points 1-3 above.

Digital signage plays a unique role in the pandemic. Whether telling customers to wear a mask or spreading positivity in the workplace, digital signage can help us to communicate clearly, safely and effectively through a pandemic like COVID-19.

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