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Five Reasons to Visit Premier Mounts at InfoComm 2019

1. Connecting with Future AV Professionals The industry is changing as more professionals move out of their longstanding roles. New opportunities are arising everyday for young professionals to enter the industry and bring their unique perspectives and backgrounds to future designs. Premier Mounts is proud to be the executive sponsor for the Youth in AV council’s reception at InfoComm. At this event, the brightest young minds can come together from their various backgrounds and network amongst one another. If you are a young professional, please come visit us at the AVIXA booth on Thursday, June 13th, and do not forget

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5 Considerations When Purchasing dvLEDs and Choosing Quality over Value

In the world of AV, it is important to do your research and understand quality vs value before investing in direct view LED technology. Many believe, all direct view LED displays are generally the same so they make mistakes in valuing its cost more than the quality of the material it’s made with. Each manufacturer produces direct view LED cabinets that are made different and contain unique components that affect its functions. So no, not all LED cabinets are the same. As a new investor of direct view LED you should not limit yourself to this train of thought. What

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How Digital Signage Benefits Travel

From takeoff to landing, improving efficiency is at the center of today’s travel industry. Digital signage has evolved to become a crucial medium of communication when reaching travelers across the globe. Whether the journey begins on foot, in the air, by car, or on a train, travelers are exposed to digital signage as they travel to reach their destinations. ACCESSIBLE FOR ON FOOT TRAVELERS When exploring a new place, the best way to experience a city is to travel on foot like a local. Digital signage is designed to be an accessible and effective way of reaching travelers through digital

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December Product Showcase

Creating quality products that we stand behind with lifetime warranties is why so many integrators and A/V professionals turn to Premier Mounts. Learn more about our latest and greatest products that can solve your A/V challenges in our December Product Showcase! TL72-MS2  Lightweight Floor Stand Kit Features tilting mount for flat-panels up to 160 lbs. 72 in. poles for optimum viewing height in polished chrome or black Patented Clevis tilting mechanism that allows 12° of continuous tilt for the perfect viewing angle Built-in lateral shift allows for flexible placement of flat-panels List Price: $1,020 BW60-MS2 Mobile Cart Combination Kit includes

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A New Generation of LCD Videowall Mounting Solutions

When problems arise, solutions often follow soon afterwards. This is how the inception of one of Premier Mount’s industry-leading solutions came about. The LMVS is a variation to the LMV, which was the original Press & Release™ style mount that provides a foundation of LCD video wall displays. While the LMV was advanced and featured many different benefits, there were still obstacles in place that it was unable to overcome. What needed to be done was a combination of the benefits the mount featured while still solving problems faced by installers and project managers. When on the job site in

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September Product Showcase

Creating quality products that we stand behind with lifetime warranties is why so many integrators and A/V professionals turn to Premier Mounts. Learn more about our latest and greatest products that can solve your A/V challenges in our September Product Showcase! PDS-URPM Universal Rotational Projector Mount Rotation of +/- 100° Allows for projection onto the floor, ceiling or wall Features a slotted mounting base with six interchangeable legs Mates to standard 1.5 NPT pipe Holds up to 75 lbs List Price: $359 PDS-PLUS Low-Profile Universal Projector Mount Slotted mounting base with six interchangeable legs makes it truly universal Mount weighs

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5 Tips and Tricks for Successful Installation

When tackling the biggest projects in professional audio-visual, there are five factors that integrators must consider. From hardware to software, it is important to pre-plan and identify as many variables before the project starts to ensure a successful deployment over its life. Have the right tools and hardware – When at a job site, there will be many different points in which hardware must be installed. Having the right tools will not only ensure that all the nuts and bolts properly fit, but will save time as installers navigate across the structure as a whole. An important thing to note is

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Solutions Flash: An Enhanced Outdoor Experience

OPPORTUNITY When most of us think of a resort, we think of a welcoming staff and a fine hotel, a carefully manicured golf course, great restaurants, and in many cases, a casino. At the Talking Stick Resort in Arizona, all of that is certainly the case but there is much more to it than that.  One of the main attractions of the property is as one guest opined, “enjoying the Arizona evening and the fabulous sky with ever-changing colors” and for many, that is what this resort experience is all about. One of the main focal points of the resort

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Are You Maximizing the ROI of Your Digital Signage?

It’s been a long-standing mystery as to whether digital signage actually produces a positive ROI. After all, how can we truly calculate its effectiveness with things like non-disclosure agreements and legal restrictions in place? In terms of profitability, we could speculate with more general numbers that show an overall positive ROI overall, but we still weren’t looking at concrete data. However, things are changing. According to a study by PJ Solomon regarding Recall Comparison Analysis, ROI is incredibly successful with digital signage. “In short, there is no more effective way to gain recall of a message than digital signage,” states

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