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Mobile cart combination up to 160 lb including

the PSD-BW base, CTM-MS2 flat-panel mount and 60 in chrome poles

  • Unique base design allows easy storage of two or more bases
  • Nesting cart features 60 in. dual chrome poles for an overall height of 67 in
  • 12° of continuous tilt mount for optimal viewing angle with patented Griplates™
  • Horizontal adjustment ensures your flat panel display is in the perfectly desired position

List Price: $984



Mobile Cart with 72 in. Dual Poles and Rotating Mount for Flat-Panels up to 160 lb

  • Provides rotation between 0 and 90 degrees of the display for a horizontal or vertical configuration
  • Adjustable height placement for perfect viewing height
  • 35° of upward tilt and 10° of downward tilt
  • Mobile base has locking casters for added stability

List Price: $1,328




Low-Profile Floor Stand with 72 in. Dual Poles and Tilting Mount for Flat-Panels up to 160 lb

  • Allows 12° of continuous tilt and built-in lateral shift
  • Low-profile base plate (0.53 in) can slide under carpet for a seamless look
  • Route power and signal cables through the poles for tidy cable management

List Price: $1,080





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