Beyond Broadcasting- Integrating AV into the Broadcast Space

The world of broadcasting has evolved to meet the demands of new technology-driven media. Introducing advanced AV systems into the broadcast space has transformed old- school control rooms and sets with a few monitors into advanced and complex digital ecosystems.

AV integration is designed to provide broadcast stations with flat screen mounts, LED panels, and AV hardware necessary to display dynamic attention-grabbing graphics and videos. Design, installation, and maintenance all factor into the creation of quality products such as Premier Mounts’ Convergent LED mount to create state of the art video walls that are used on broadcast sets, control studios and newsrooms.

Smart Studio and Control Room Design

In the fast-paced broadcast industry, there are many moving parts that contribute to the success of the business. It is necessary to have the most reliable and high-quality audiovisual equipment to ensure efficiency and productivity. Premier Mounts recognizes the need for mounts and AV equipment that showcase durability, versatility, and can house the latest technology. Smart studios leverage AV in a manner that pairs control room layout and design with solutions that are captivating. Advanced video walls allow individuals in the control room to have all eyes on what’s happening in the studio. Studio design includes not only the standard sets but also all aspects of the studio itself. Attention to detail and keeping up with the latest information are the two key demands in the world of broadcasting, so the same should be incorporated into studios designs to support these essential functions. Integrating AV anywhere on set can impact the environment and appeal of the studio itself.

Advanced Newsrooms Begin the Process

Newsrooms are the powerhouse of any station, finding stories, seeding out leads, picking the best trending topics, but all this happens through constant monitoring of what’s going on in the world. Thinking of newsrooms as a space for AV is a new perspective for many integrators that have the opportunity to revolutionize this setting. In the newsrooms space, AV solutions must now have the capacity to run essentially 24 hours a day so it is important that solutions used can be left on for long periods of time without overheating and overloading. Utilizing commercial AV mounts, displays, and AV over IP allow for newsrooms to have constant correspondence to relevant information and groundbreaking stories through a digital medium that can keep up to the speed.

AV Integrated Sets

The typical broadcast set can utilize anywhere from 3 to 4 video walls depending on the size of the set. Since sets are focused on creating visually commanding environments that support the news, it is important that these displays leverage professional grade mounts and panels. From a set design standpoint, the typical local news studio has traditionally leveraged LCD video walls that can be supported by LMV mounts. As the broadcast spaces have advanced to utilize direct-view LED displays, solutions such as Convergent LED mounts can support these advancements. Having interactive AV displays as well as seamless video wall panels ensures that broadcast sets are maximizing productivity and delivery through modern and innovative means.

The importance of AV in the broadcast space goes further than just what appears on television and streaming devices across the country. AV integration is necessary within all areas of the industry from the control room and studio building, to newsroom monitors, and finally to set design and construction. As more and more advancements occur in the AV world the broadcast revolution will continue to move upward.