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Solutions Flash: Designing a New, Easy Serviceable LED Display Mount

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Solutions Flash: Designing a New, Easy Serviceable LED Display Mount

The Opportunity

Leyard’s latest innovation, the TWA Series, was designed as a direct drop-in replacement for LCD screens and rear projection cubes without the seams. The TWA delivers benefits of unique 54” flat panel design and a 1.2mm pitch 2×2 delivers a 1080p video wall. The decreased points-of-service reduced downtime, but there was a need in the marketplace for an innovative mounting solution to ensure optimum serviceability, access for maintenance and precision adjustment for the Leyard displays.

The Challenge
The problem was that there are limited mounting options that provide access to the back of a panel without removing it. Premier Mounts’ engineers would have to develop a modular mounting system that supports a 2×2 configuration and allows 4 cabinets to be pulled away from the wall for rear serviceability.


The Solution
The solution was to create a unique, scissor style pull-out design that allows a 2×2 configuration to be easily extended with one hand, and allows enough room to walk behind the cabinets for service and adjustments. In addition, Premier Mounts included spacers make hanging frames much easier. For walls that aren’t true – and many aren’t – the spacer grabs the corners of the mount assemblies and accurately positions them. In this way, the spacers act as leveling anchor points, allowing installers to adjust for inconsistencies in wall flatness. We also created a bolt on motorized option for use in applications that are out of reach.

See the short video below for how easy it is to service this unit:

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