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Pizza Hut Flagship Store Gets a Digital Makeover

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Pizza Hut Flagship Store Gets a Digital Makeover


Pizza Hut had a specific vision for a digital menu board and sports bar concept at their flagship store, imagining a ceiling suspended triple triangle video wall with an array of 75” video screens at the top and 65” video screens on the bottom. Besides that, they wanted to turn the entire dining area into a digital display powerhouse. Premier Mounts got involved early with integrator partners Embed Digital in order to offer expertise and support for a smooth and efficient process.


The configuration of the ceiling supported video wall challenged physics itself; by hanging that much weight the center of gravity would cause the pole and screens to lean back at the bottom leading to unattractive results. To realize Pizza Hut’s bold vision, an innovative custom solution was required that only Premier Mounts could provide. Their engineers worked closely with Embed Digital to design the layout of the installation, and decide which stock products could be used in the formation of the video display.


Relying on a mixture of genius, creativity and trust, Premier Mounts and Embed Digital quickly delivered an affordable, scale-able, and imaginative video wall to one of the largest pizza franchises on the planet. The brilliant and dynamic screens captivate restaurant guests, while the secure mounting solution offers easy access for maintenance, increasing efficiency in-use for restaurant operators.

To complete the triangular video wall installation, Premier Mounts relied on the sleek SYM-IB-28B,36B and 130B Symmetry bars of various lengths to accommodate different display sizes, along with the budget friendly SYM-DB-TB symmetry tilt brackets to mitigate costs. Also, the powerful SYM-PA allowed several displays to be suspended from the ceiling. In addition to the stock products, engineers created a custom solution that included 3 drop pipes used with the Symmetry bars. These were cut to a specific length so that displays could be stacked (small display on the bottom with a big display on top) and then installed in a triple triangle, bringing Pizza Hut’s artistic vision to life.

Stock products were also used throughout the dining area including the P4263T and P4263TP wall mounts for individual displays mounted in landscape or portrait configurations, along with the AM175 where articulation was needed. Lastly, the cost-effective UMB brackets were used to create the digital menu boards at the register.

In the end, the collaboration on the digital menu board and sports bar concept exceeded all expectations and proved to be an unequivocal success.