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How a Partnership Helped a Popular QSR Join the Digital Signage Revolution

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How a Partnership Helped a Popular QSR Join the Digital Signage Revolution



Digital signage in quick service restaurants (QSRs) is on the rise – in a big way. To speed up service, help introduce new products and influence promotions, QSR owners and operators are finding digital signs to be ideal menu boards. New mandates, like rules surrounding the display of calorie counts, are making QSR indispensable. Fortunately, the technology offers a quick return on investment.

One owner operator of a very popular West Coast QSR who recently implemented digital menu boards benefited from a great partnership between a leading dilogo2016gital signage company, Western AV, and an A/V mounting expert, Premier Mounts. The partnership ensured the QSR experienced a quick install and an eye-catching result.

“Western AV needed a new custom menu board and dual display mount for a quick service restaurant,” says Shaun O’Brien, Solutions Group Manager at Premier Mounts. “They wanted a digital menu board that would not lose the authentic original look of the restaurant. No other company could duplicate their menu board and create a prototype like Premier Mounts did.”

Digital signage and menu boards are increasing in popularity with quick service restaurants because they offer flexibility to change messages to customers as menu items vary, to promote specials, and even to entertain customers as they wait for their orders. Implementing a menu board design that complements the brand of the restaurant, and a mounting solution that offers flexibility as well as ease of installation and maintenance, is key to keeping customers happy and the restaurant running smoothly.

Mount Drawings

 A Four-Step Process

Premier Mounts uses a specific process that served this particular project very well. First, Premier Mounts experts collaborated with franchise stakeholders to understand what was important. This collaboration explored many crucial factors and project goals, including image, function, brand, install and maintenance. Second, Premier Mounts engineers went onsite to take measurements and consult on available options and recommendations. Then, they returned to the Premier Mounts lab, where engineers and fabricators created a prototype to present to stakeholders. This is where the vision was turned into reality. Finally, Premier Mounts and Western AV delivered and tested a prototype to verify form, fit, and function prior to the rollout.

The result of this time-tested process? After the customer’s criteria was fully understood we delivered the right solution. The process raises any potential issues in the development stage so missteps and issues can surface immediately, thus eliminating costly mistakes during a rollout.

“Premier Mounts designed and built a custom bezel to surround a landscape 55” display and a portrait 32” display,” says O’Brien of the collaboration. “We made it look like the current menu board frame using a lot of the same angles and features.”

Western AV and Premier Mounts were able to create an optimized menu board that was true to the restaurant’s unique brand, and also delivered the high-quality standards that both Western AV and Premier Mounts vigorously maintain.

A Winning Collaboration

Western AV knows that careful planning and coordination leading up to and during a project is critical to executing an efficient operation that delivers high quality results. Part of that success is selecting manufacturing partners that are experienced and reputable. When it came to selecting an A/V mounting solutions provider, Premier Mounts proved to be the perfect fit.

Premier Mounts has earned its reputation as the industry leader in advanced A/V mounting solutions. With a proven commitment to innovation and quality, and unmatched customer service, Premier Mounts knows what it takes to get the job done right the first time. Premier Mounts works closely with display manufacturers and OEMs to ensure its mounting solutions are optimized to bring out the best in the display and deliver a full range of mounting functionalities.

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