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Rich Pierro


Rich Pierro

Rich Pierro is co-Chief Executive Officer of Premier Mounts. He joined Premier Mounts in 2005 as a manufacturing consultant, and brings more than 25 years of manufacturing and innovation leadership to his role with the company.

Since joining Premier, Rich has worked to share Premier’s strategy and vision with customers, partners, shareholders, and colleagues. Responsible for integrating manufacturing operations and custom design in 2006, Rich has led a wealth of new innovations, managed the R&D process, and collaborated company-wide in leading new product solutions to market.

In July 2013, Rich was appointed as General Manager and took over responsibility to develop and implement new corporate strategy and vision. Following months of market research and strategic planning, along with the development of the company’s new focus, purpose, and core values, Rich was unanimously appointed co-CEO by the board of directors.

Today, Rich focuses on strategy, leadership, innovation, and the customer experience. Says Mr. Pierro, “It’s our job as a company to help our customers save money and innovate.”