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Cost Effective & Rapid Install Ready Menu Board Mount

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Cost Effective & Rapid Install Ready Menu Board Mount


In quick serve restaurants of all types, shapes, and sizes, electronic menu boards are all the rage. Ultimately, they are designed to immediately capture a customers’ attention as they make their purchase decision at the moment they’re ready to act. By design they are dynamic in nature with menu content/listings that are easy to change in real time from a marketing and management perspective relative to time of day, week, season, or the introduction of new items to sell. They are also a great tool to facilitate compliance with new Federal menu nutritional posting requirements. Electronic menu boards support other point of purchase displays such as static signs, acting in tandem to attract interest, encourage message retention and drive sales. They are great at motivating additional purchases and are among your best sign and graphics investments.


Menu board design layouts suffer from several variables. The variables may include the number and sizes of displays, where they are in the restaurant, the surfaces to which they will be attached, the proper alignment of the displays, and the limited time available to install the menu boards without interrupting on going sales. Of course, installation time spent is always a function of limited budgets. The challenge is to provide a mounting system that is easy and inexpensive to install, provides for uneven surfaces, has an option for aligning the bezels of the displays to line up properly, and do this all within a reasonable budget.


Each of the variables are met with the UMB-DBT & UMB-DBTS menu board flat panel display brackets. Out of the box they are a “no assembly required” system. The hang on the panels are designed to attach directly to commercially available Unistrut channel offering a quick, simple, and repeatable way to install a linear row of displays. Rapid installation is the cornerstone and the UMB beats all the competition in speed, which is critical when installations are at locations that operate 24/7 and cannot shut their stores down for any length of time. The lean in mount design provides a mounting solution that allows video walls and digital displays to be positioned flat or up to 15 degrees for the perfect viewing angle. The mounts are versatile, allowing for both landscape or portrait orientation, and an adjustable foot pad provides adjustment to overcome wall unevenness. The UMB series not only saves time and dollars in installations but is the most cost-effective digital menu board mounts on the market today perfect for single stores to small chains and large franchises.